Paris, Coffee & Wifi

This is a map of cafés offering espressos for €1 and WiFi hotspots. The hotspots are places where free Wifi is available for two hours. You can click on the clusters to zoom into the map and browse the locations. The checkboxes allow you to control what is displayed. See what is nearby famous tourist attractions by clicking the respective images. You can also search by arrondissement, which will show just what is in that area. Grab a coffee and get online!

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It all started with this tweet...

Aidez-nous à trouver tous les #cafés parisiens où on peut boire un expresso pour 1€ ou moins, nous en ferons un article

— Paris (@Paris) June 5, 2012
"Help us find all the Parisian #cafés where you can drink an espresso for €1 or less, we will do an article."

The locations of coffee for €1 was completely crowd-sourced and you can suggest cafés using the form linked to in the tweet.

The article referenced within the tweet can be found here. There is an app available to download so you can find €1 coffee on the go.

The data for this website was acquired from ParisData, the site of the Open Data policy of the City of Paris. There you will find data sets published by the services of the City under a free license.

A ShapeFile of the Paris Arrondissements downloaded from ESRI Open Data under the Open Database Licence was converted into geoJSON and is available to download here. Data used to create this site can downloaded from here
la belle vie à Paris

Catacombes Image from Andy Delcambre, 2010 from flickr used under the Creative Commons Licence 2.0.
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